RG17/34 400mm Cone Mounted Sign

RG17/34 400mm Cone Mounted Sign

Product Code RG17CW042
MOTSAM RG 17 or RG 34
The RG17/34 400mm Cone Mounted Sign has been designed to fit over any 900mm PVC Cone. The double web strap system allows you to use it as either a RG-17 - 400mm dia Keep Left or a RG-34 - 400mm dia Keep Right. The web strap on the reverse is made from a flexible and hard wearing material which allows it to be run over numerous times without the strap breaking.

Please Note: Under temporary traffic management situations (CoPTTM) this sign is NOT a compliant device to the TCD rule and cannot be reduced from the standard L1 or L2 signs.

The cone mounted RD6L Twin Disk Keep Left Sign is an approved sign for TTM situations, used in instances where space does not allow for a full size sign but it must be shown/prescribed in the TMP and approved for use.

For more Information please refer to CoPTTM.

Product Attributes

400mm dia
Aluminium with Web Strapping
High Intensity Prismatic (HIP)

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