Scorpion Attenuator Re-Certification Programme

Scorpion Attenuators are vital crash protection equipment which are designed to save lives in the event of an impact. It is critical that the attenuator is properly maintained, serviced and repaired to ensure it can work as designed. 

RTL is the exclusive distributor for the Scorpion range in NZ and we take our safety responsibility very seriously. Thus we have the Scorpion Attenuator Re-certification programme which is both annual and post impact. In 2023, as recognition of our dedication, RTL was shortlisted and won the Fleet Safety Product and Safe Vehicles category at the Australasian Fleet Champions Awards night for our Attenuator Recert Programme and Toolbox Safety Talks .

Our Attenuator Re-Certification Programme covers the original NCHRP-350 Scorpion TL-2 and TL-3 units all the way through to the Scorpion II MASH Units, including the TL-2 Metro and the TL-3 C-90 and Model C Range.

Traffic Management companies, contractors and RCAs are encouraged to re-certify their attenuators by RTL. This will give peace of mind that the equipment Is operating as it should and will perform its critical function of absorbing impact in the event of a crash.  Our team of RTL technicians will carry out the assessment on the equipment and the attenuator will be certified if it passes a range of pre-determined requirements. 

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Why should you re-certify your attenuator?

• Keep motorists and your crew safe
• Limit exposure to serious injury and death in an event of impact/accidents
• Meet your Health and Safety at Work Act goals and obligations
• Tender for work contracts with up-to-date, certified safety gear
• Maintain a safe and functional fleet of attenuators

Assessment covers (not limited too): Cartridge Tubes , Absorber modules (A, C & D), Stress cracks, Hydraulic Pumps & Actuators, Ensuring all dimensions are in accordance with specified parameters. Operation testing cycles. 

If No Repairs: if no repairs, you will be provided with a full report, certification letter and an updated re-certification sticker. 

If Repairs are required: RTL will conduct the repairs with the client’s approval. The report, letter and recertification will follow. 

Booking Online:

Booking your attenuator recertification is easy via our online booking form. Our RTL Service co-ordinator will confirm your booking date and time, An RTL CAP assessor will inspect your TMA at your site or at RTL.

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