E-Bike Charging Station

Product Code CIEBIKE1
Our eBike Charging Stations are a public-use, universal eBike battery charging system that also provides a secure means of parking your bike. Designed to accommodate a wide range of personal eBike drive systems, each charging dock has a secure, user-accessible locker that contains a 240V outlet for power access. The chargers are designed to be installed indoors or outdoors with overhead protection.

The charging stations are easy to use. When the bike battery needs a top up, the rider simply lifts their bike onto the wheel well. Then, plugs in their charger into the power point inside the locker and secure the door closed with their own small padlock. The user can also lock their bike around the wheel well and or upright.

- All units equipped with GFCI outlets
- Wheel wells accommodate 20 to 29 wheels and up to 5 tires
- Charging box door secured with padlock
- Active cooling system to prevent charger from overheating
- Can be installed indoors or outdoors with overhead protection
- User instructions on each unit
- UL/CE listed
- 240V with a 20A circuit breaker. Designed to be individually hardwired by a qualified electrician
- Units can either be plumbed from below or there is a knockout location for conduit

Please note - final product is subject to change.

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