Saris Wave Delineator

Product Code CIWD8700
Can a bike lane feel SAFE and FUN? If so, will it impact the success of a project and increase enjoyment? The Wave Delineator by Saris, is a temporary lane delineator designed to make pop-up bike lanes fun and inspiring. Standard bollards, flex posts, and traffic cones make bike lanes feel like construction zones and unpleasant places to be. The Wave Delineator is ideal for temporary pop-up bike lanes when communities want to create a demonstration protected lane or direct bike traffic during day or week-long events.

o Aesthetic: wave design with double cut-out
o Easy Deployment: no tools required
o Transportable: lightweight and collapsible
o Robust: thickness optimized for weight and deflection
o Safe: chamfered edges, reflective decals, ADA compliant, optimized height for drivers and cyclists
o Multiple mounting options: freestanding, temporary, and semi-permanent

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