FG 300 Curb System - Yellow

Product Code MDFG300CY
The FG 300 Curb System is a lane separation system that provides efficient and cost effective channelization of traffic on motorway, roadways and inner city streets. This one piece curb system is an approved, passive traffic control device consisting of modular raised curb sections mountable by emergency vehicles when required. When you add your choice of FG 300 post then it creates a dramatic picket fence effect and increases the visual barrier.

- Low maintenance with super-tough polyurethane posts
- Curb sections impact tested at 112kph
- Moulded with solid colour throughout
- Internal radial rib structure which supports 10,000 lbs (pounds) of loading

Dimensions (Base Only):
L: 965mm
W: 200mm
H: 50mm

White and Orange Units also available.

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