RTL has partnered with Saris Infrastructure

RTL has been appointed as the exclusive NZ distributor for Saris Cycling Infrastructure

RTL has partnered with Saris Infrastructure

Project Overview

 NZ has a great vision to make everyday cycling a reality for kiwis of all ages and backgrounds. We are delighted to announce RTL is bringing a new range of cycling infrastructure products into NZ - which will meet and exceed those expectations.

We have partnered with Saris Infrastructure (USA) and All4cycling Australia as their exclusive NZ agents – bringing to our shores this brilliant, highly innovative and modern range of cycling infrastructure products. Over the last 40 years, Saris has become a cycling brand recognized the world over, thanks to their commitment to best-in-class products, bicycle advocacy and American manufacturing. Through their products, their business approach and their advocacy, Saris has demonstrated their dedication to the power of the bicycle again and again. Today their line of Bike Fixation-branded bicycle infrastructure products don a new name, Saris Infrastructure.

Saris has made a name for themselves as unwavering ambassadors of safer, better, more enjoyable riding. This commitment to cyclists radiates through the products that leave their doors. The bicycle is at the heart of everything they dream, design and do.

RTL is so keen to be a part of the cycling revolution taking place in NZ. This new range will include repair kits, bike parking, end of trip vending machines, racks, pumps and more. Perfect for council parks, cycle ways, bike trails, bus and train stations, universities, hospitals, swanky corporate offices – we have a Deluxe offering and a Public offering which can be tailored to suit your brand, your style and your project goals.

Check out our newest supplier here https://www.sarisinfrastructure.com/catalog/bike-repair-stations