Saris Deluxe Bike Repair Stand

Product Code CIDWS26347S
The Saris Deluxe Public Bike Repair Stand feature nine tools for cyclists to carry out basic bike repairs and bike maintenance whilst out on a bike ride. The Deluxe Bike Repair Stand forms a key part in cycling infrastructure and brings durable, easy to use tools on retractable cables, to the hands of cyclists on the trails, near the streets, and in end of trip facilities and bike rooms. With a high-quality vinyl decal, your branded cycle bike stand will look great and reflect your commitment to the benefits of cycling.

the tools where the people need them -

o Tools securely attach by retractable braided stainless steel cables
o Large surface area for custom branding/signage; optional Bike branding as shown is available by request
o Designed to directly interface with High Security manual bike pumps and Wheel Chocks (sold separately)
o Long hose provides wide range of motion without touching the ground
o Impact and UV resistant front plate won't show wear and tear from pedal strikes
o ADA-compliant design
o Stainless Steel Finish

Bike Repair Tools Included:
o Philips & standard screwdrivers
o Steel core tire levers (2)
o Headset/pedal wrench
o 8/10mm cone wrench
o 9/11mm cone wrench
o Torx T-25
o Hex key set

The Saris Deluxe Repair Stand Image used shows with Outdoor Pump (with Gauge), Wheel Chock and Vinyl Graphics (Sold Separately).

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