Outdoor Public Bike Pump (With Gauge)

Product Code CIHSP26246
The High Security Outdoor Pump offers the highest security features to ensure that the pump and its components are ready for action when its needed by the users. Designed for outdoor use in all climates, this pump is a perfect combination of ruggedness, durability and value and is a great solution for campus, city or other public heavy-use settings. The bike air pump with pressure gauge can stand up to the great outdoors. It is best when paired with a wheel chock and public bike stand.

" Outdoor-rated stainless steel construction, completely sealed
" Proprietary long-life piston seal and solid pump rod
" Steel braided air hose core prevents cutting
" Dual pump head works on all bikes
" Longer hose available with mounting clip
" Optional tools attached by stainless steel aircraft cable:
" (2) tire levers and (1) 15mm open end wrench

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