Product Code ET MBISGO
Remote operated Stop Go Sign and TTM approved, The INSTABOOM Go is RTL's solar stop go unit, for keeping your crews safe on Aotearoa's roads. The rugged lightweight case is under 25kg with a carry handle, a trolley handle and wheels, meaning it can be easily moved around or lifted by one person (TMO).

With labour shortages a critical and ongoing threat in our sector, the INSTABOOM Go allows what has always been a dangerous 2 person operation to be managed by one person, more safely. This makes it 100% labour and life saving.

As per M23 Appendix, the operator must not be more than 100m from either base unit. The operator must have a safe and central vantage point with a clear view of both Stop/Go boards and oncoming traffic. The Base units are not to exceed 600m apart (i.e. the total distance, when using two operators - each must be within 100m of their unit).

For more information view Waka Kotahi NZTA M23 Appendix F: Temporary road safety hardware & devices.

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