Kura School Supp for Variable LED Signs

Kura School Supp for Variable LED Signs

Product Code EZ SZSAX144
TCD Code RS6V TCD Rule R1-6
PW-32 Kura School Road Sign is a new permanent warning, two line supplementary used underneath 30km LED Electronic School Signs. Kura, the Te Reo Maori word for school, is in a bold font, above the English spelling.

The Kura School Supplementary is one of the first bilingual road signs rolled out by Waka Kotahi in 2022 under the Traffic Control Devices (Kura/School Signs) Amendment 2022. This two line variation replaces the existing two line SCHOOL ZONE sign. The size also changes from 750 x 550 to 750 x 500.


All WU Warning - Non Motorised signs should be made with VFL Fluorescent Lime/ Yellow reflective (as per the image)

Available Traffic Sign Sizes:
750 x 500

Product Attributes

750mm wide x 500mm high
Aluminium with Signfix
Fluorescent Prismatic (Yellow)
Graffiti Guard

Special Instructions

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