PW-32 Kura School Supplementary

PW-32 Kura School Supplementary

Product Code P32AX 144
TCD Code WU22 MOTSAM PW-32 TCD Rule W16-5.1
PW-32 Kura School Road Sign is a new permanent warning, two line supplementary used underneath PW-30 Pedestrian Crossing Signs and PW-31 Children Signs. Kura, the Te Reo Maori word for school, is in a bold font, above the English spelling.

The Kura School Supplementary is one of the first bilingual signs rolled out by Waka Kotahi in 2022 under the Traffic Control Devices (Kura/School Signs) Amendment 2022. This two line variation replaces the existing one line SCHOOL sign.

All WU Warning - Non Motorised signs should be made with VFL Fluorescent Lime/ Yellow reflective (as per the image)

Available Traffic Sign Sizes:
600 x 400
750 x 500
900 x 600

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600mm wide x 400mm high
Aluminium with Signfix
Fluorescent Prismatic (Yellow)

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