WU1M Marae Pedestrian Warning Sign

WU1M Marae Pedestrian Warning Sign

Product Code PW16.11DX 144
TCD Code WU1M TCD Rule W16-11
WU1M or W16-11 yellow diamond-shaped permanent warning road sign that shows a kuia (elderly lady) and tamaiti (child), used above the MARAE supplementary message sign, warning road users that there are likely to be elderly and young pedestrians ahead associated with marae activity.

Note: This sign must always be installed as a combination of the diamond-shaped warning sign and supplementary sign and not used with other PW signs.

View Gazette Notice: https://gazette.govt.nz/notice/id/2021-au1615

Note: The W16-11 combination warning sign is for use by RCAs at marae; to warn of vulnerable road users on or near the roadway, and may supplement the R1-2.1 Option B variable speed limit sign.

Sizes available:
600 x 600
750 x 750
900 x 900
1200 x 1200

Cultural Marae Signs are also available:

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600mm wide x 600mm high
Aluminium with Signfix
Fluorescent Prismatic (Yellow)

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