SLED US End Treatment System (TL-3)

Product Code EC 45044-TL3
SLED End Treatments are available in two models for high speed zone applications; SLED US and SLED EURO. The SLED US is MASH approved (100km) and the SLED Euro is EN1317-4 P4 approved (110km). The SLED Range is designed to deform and rupture on impact, absorbing the energy of the impacting vehicle. The key difference between the models is the SLED US is designed for head on impacts (non-redirective), the SLED Euro has additional steel lateral panels which redirect the impacting vehicle. SLED Euro is commonly used on BG800 barriers
here in NZ and around the world.

The SLED US can be connected to several barrier systems in use in New Zealand; Concrete Barriers (MASH TL-3) and the TrafFix Sentry II Water Cable Barrier(MASH TL-3). Under NCHRP - 350 the SLED US is also accepted for shielding the blunt end of steel barriers. It is free standing and can be installed quickly, reducing worker exposure time. It does not require foundation anchor bolts to be attached to the road.

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