What is MASH?

MASH guidelines tests road safety devices like Crash Attenuators and Barriers and End treatments to more stringent specifications. Catering for heavier vehicle fleets and faster travelling speeds - MASH is being rolled out globally and in New Zealand

What is MASH?

Project Overview

MASH updates and replaces NCHRP Report 350.

NZ has adopted MASH guidelines and allowed an additional year for implementation following on from the US implementation date. MASH allows for each Department of Transport and each Road Controlling Authority to implement MASH at their own pace and to choose which elements of MASH they wish to roll out. 

RTL has a full range of MASH attenuators, Crash Cushions and Barriers and End treatments. Representing global leader TrafFix devices in New Zealand, RTL has successfully rolled out MASH product and installations since 2018. 

We have access to the leading experts Felipe Almanza and Geoff Maus based in California. With regular visits to NZ, our customers are kept informed off MASH developments in the rest of the world. 

Watch this space for more as we get ready to host our July MASH conference following on from our first ever (and very successful) RTL MASH Seminar which we hosted in August 2018.