Scorpion II C-90 Vertical MASH TL-3 TMA

Product Code ECTL3100C90
TrafFix Devices launched the MASH C-90 Vertical TMA in April 2019.

The C-90 is stored in the vertical position only - 90 degrees (it does not fold up and over the LAS). The C-90 does not have a mid-hinge between the two struts, it deploys in one movement, similar to a TL-2 Scorpion.

This means the C-90 is perfect for deployment in tunnels and limited height scenarios. The C-90 has the shortest overall length in the market in the deployed position, minimizing the turning arc and incidental impacts.

The C-90 TMA by TrafFix Devices, is fully MASH Approved and has successfully passed an additional UK TD test - 49/07 (1,500 kg, 110 kph).

Please contact us on 0800 785 744 to discuss your MASH Requirements.

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