INSTABOOM LITE Mobile Barrier Gate

Product Code ET MBI50L
The TTM approved, Instaboom Lite Portable Barrier Gate is a lightweight, solar powered barrier arm, suited for short term duration of traffic management, site access, projects and construction sites.

By using a mobile barrier gate to manage traffic, this significantly reduces the risk to Traffic Controllers (TCs), as they no longer have to use a Stop Go Paddles and be in close proximity to the live lane.

Having a physical barrier arm provides instant demarcation for your worksite. The Lite Barrier is only 48kgs so can be manually offloaded by two people and set up in minutes.

We understand all sites are different, so the number of barriers used, can be easily changed as your team go from site to site.

The buttons can easily be programmed to operate one or many Instaboom Lite barrier arms, i.e. to either activate simultaneously or interdependent of each other.

One remote can control up to four units. As per M23 Appendix, the operator must have at least 120m visibility of the approach to their unit.

Instaboom Lite has a number of built in safety features including a IR Safety Beam and will return to upright position if an obstacle is in the way.

The Barrier has solar panels to provide upto 7 days run time between charging.

As featured in Waka Kotahi NZTA M23 Appendix F: Temporary road safety hardware & devices.

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