Saris Bike Wheel Chock

Product Code CIWC26190SS
A simple design for a simple function. The perfect addition to any public repair stand or public bike pump area. The Saris Wheel Chock holds a bicycle upright, so you can more. Easily inflate tires or make minor adjustments. Available in a floor mount and repair mount option to work wherever you need it. The stylish cut-outs on the sides of the Saris Wheel Chock provide a visual indication of what it's for.

o Supports bikes without kickstands while inflating tires
o Tire friction stops roll-back, upright position eliminates trip hazard
o Accommodates tires up to 2.75" and wheel diameters up to 29"
o Cannot lock bikes to the Wheel Chock
o ADA compliant

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Stainless Steel
Floor Mount

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