BarrowLIGHT V2 Portable Traffic Lights

Product Code ET MBTLV2
The Barrow Light V2 is a revolutionary set of portable traffic lights mounted wheel barrow style, now fully approved in New Zealand. The BarrowLIGHT V2 portable traffic lights are the safer solution to a Stop/Slow traffic. Using Manual alternating mode, a pair of lights are operated by a single user using the remote.

BarrowLights are simple and fast setup, along with easy programming. The folding traffic light head, provides protection when folded, preventing damage during transit. With its front and rear wheels, it can be easily transported in either wheelbarrow or dolly mode. The secure system allows for safe unfolding and folding of the light-head, while the retractable carrying arms and transportation handles make it convenient to move around.

Waka Kotahi M23 F Approved. Solar Powered. Safe. Smart. Easy to use. Reliable, traffic control at your worksite has never been easier.

A set includes:
2x 12v Batteries + chargers + red lock bars
2x Target Boards with visors
2x solar panels with solar regulators
1x Remote (takes 3x AAA)
2x Safety Sam Signs
2x Covers

Product Attributes

66kg ea incl battery

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